Community Safety Programs

Consistent. Focused. Achievement. 

iTraffic, the leader in Community Safety Programs, provides cities and towns with a proven step by step plan to lower accident rates, save lives, and lower public safety costs. Now…WHAT IF WE TOLD YOU THAT IT WAS FREE… AND YOUR COMMUNITY BENEFITS AT THE SAME TIME? The iTraffic safety program is a WIN/WIN for any community.  

The results of the programs say it all. A dramatic drop in "super speeders", a huge decline in serious and fatal accidents. Safer roadways in your city while funding community projects equals a win/win for each and every citizen.

Working with public and private grants, iTraffic has developed the first program of its kind to provide everything needed to begin consistent traffic enforcement. Officers, assisted by the latest in speed enforcement technology, hand deliver roadside citations to violators. iTraffic safety grants include all the technology needed for the program including in car laptops and vehicle mounts, electronic ticketing solutions, NCIC access, commercial air cards and top of the line image capturing laser and multiple lane radar equipment.

In these tough budget times, many law enforcement agencies may be forced to lay off patrol officers. The iTraffic community safety program can help the community keep the jobs of these officers by paying the salaries and benefit packages for up to 8 full time officers to deliver roadside citations. The  programs comply with existing statutory requirements and all the technology is approved under state specifications. 

See how an iTraffic community safety program can benefit your community.